Frequently Asked Questions

How can I become a member?

By payment of non refundable fee of #200, #1,000 or #1,500 only for either of our savings packages and subsequent re-activation of such account with #200, #1,000 or #2,000 going forward respectively.

Is my BVN required for registration?


Who is eligible for membership?

Any progressive mind, regardless of age, religion, political and socio-cultural differences is eligible for membership.

Must I visit the office before I become registered?

No, you can also register through a staff, agent or our e-channels like website, mobile application etc.

what do I need to submit during registration?

  1. Hard or soft copy (passport photograph)
  2. Any valid means of identification (Nat. Drivers license, Int'l passport data page photocopy, PVC etc).

Is membership free?

No, you are to pay a non refundable membership registration fees of #200 for Daily Savings Account (DSA), #1,000 for Special Purpose Account (SPA) and Social Link Account (SLA), and #1,500 for Business Link Account (BLA), and renewable after each Financial circle.

Who are the owners of Landmark Thrift and Credit Cooperative Society?

All active individual and corporate member organizations. Landmark Thrift and Credit Cooperative Society is only held in trust by the BOT and admin staff that pilots the day to day activities of the organisation.

Who is a referral?

A person or group of persons who consciously or unconsciously introduces people that eventually registers into the system.

What are the benefits of a referral?

  1. Earns incentive, commission and bonuses eg. 100% membership registration fees of such member or members that joins Landmark Thrift and Credit Cooperative Society courtesy of you.
  2. Earns 10% of supposed 100% ROI of such fresh investor as had been introduced to Landmark Thrift and Credit Cooperative Society by you.

Is Landmark Thrift and Credit Cooperative Society legally registered?

Yes, with state MINISTRY OF COMMERCE, INDUSTRY AND COOPERATIVE, and other relevant regulatory bodies.

Do I have to revalidate my membership from time to time?

Yes, after each financial circle.

Is saving compulsory?

Yes, to all subscribers and on a weekly basis.

Which Savings package gives more advantage?

All our savings packages issues premium interest of 10% except (SHORT-TERM) Daily Savings Account= DSA and are of enormous advantages, depending on a prospect given circumstance per time.

What is the interest rate on Landmark Thrift and Credit Cooperative Society Savings packages?

10% on all completed Savings circles except for (SHORT-TERM) Daily Savings Account= DSA.

What is a Savings circle?

The duration or period by which a package is subscribed and is to last until its maturity or disbursement date.

What is due disbursement?

Due disbursement is the amount that returns to a subscriber after a Savings or Investment term elapses.

How long can I save?

For the exact period of a designated or subscribed package lifespan, which are: Social Link 1yr, Business Link 2yrs, Special Purpose; 3 months and above, (SHORT-TERM) Daily Savings Account= DSA.

What is a Savings default?

A fine (penalty) that a saver is mandated to pay for failing to save for a whole week.

How much is Landmark Thrift and Credit Cooperative Society weekly Savings default?

#20 only.

Are other charges required apart from membership registration fee and Savings default fine?

Yes, Service charge.

What is service charge?

An administrative cost placed on each account at every end of a financial circle.

How much is Landmark Thrift and Credit Cooperative Society Service charge?

# 500 withdrawal charge for Daily Savings Account (DSA), #1,000 for both Social Link and Special Purpose Accounts, #2,000 for Business Link Account and 10% of dividend on any investment portfolio.

Are charges placed on premature disbursements?

Yes, 10% of total amount in such Account.

Does Landmark Thrift and Credit Cooperative Society Accounts accommodate mid-term withdrawals?

Yes, but only to Daily Savings Account (DSA)

How long does one get paid using premature disbursement instrument?

30 working days.

Can one spread his or her savings?


Will I be charged for failing to save in a week?

Yes, #20 only.

How long does it take to have access to your funds after Account maturity?

7 working days

Can I do a Savings schedule through my bank account?

Yes, by direct authorization to debit my bank account through my bank card.

What is the minimum Savings amount per week?

#100 for Daily Savings Account (DSA), #1,000 for Social Link Account (SLA) and Special Purpose Account (SPA) , and #2,000 for Business Link Account (BLA).

Why must I save weekly?

Until the habit of Saving becomes a culture, if not, you are no close to creating Financial independence.

Am I limited to having just few Accounts with Landmark Thrift and Credit Cooperative Society?

No, you can operate as many Accounts as possible at all times.

Is Savings fixed for a particular day or time?


Can I swipe packages randomly?

No because; it will cost you some outrageous charges.

Will my credit history affect my ability to get the best loan rates?

Yes, the better your credit rating the more likely you are to get the lowest interest rates on your loan. For those with a bad credit profile, the higher interest rates reflect the increased risk on the part of the creditors in lending you money.

Why is interest higher for short term loans?

Interest rates are generally higher on shorter term loans, as there are increased administration costs in setting up the loan.

Can I still borrow money with a poor credit rating?

Yes, you should still be able to borrow money if you have a bad credit rating, but will likelybe subjected to higher interest rates and scrutiny.

How likely am I to be accepted for a loan?

This will depend entirely upon the nature of your loan request and your credit history. There are loans out there for everyone though, and so it is unlikely that you will not be accepted for any loans at all.

Will I need to secure a loan against my property?

Yes, we accept collaterals for loan.

What purposes can I obtain a loan for?

  • starting or expanding an existing business

What if my financial circumstances change during a loan term?

If your financial circumstances improve, you will be able to pay your loan off early, or arrange to change your payment plan in some way. You will need to discuss details of this with your creditors.

Can I access a loan without been a registered member?

No you must be a duly registered member of Landmark Thrift and Credit Cooperative Society

How long can I process a loan with Landmark Thrift and Credit Cooperative Society?

1 month (i.e when satisfactorily approved)

Do I need collateral to obtain a loan?


What is Landmark Thrift and Credit Cooperative Society loan repayment schedule?

Our loans are repaid on monthly basis

Can partners (couples) surety each other for a loan facility?


What are the pre-qualifications to obtaining a loan?

You must save 1/3 equity contribution

Can I swipe collateral while I have not offset my pending loan?

Yes, provided its value is suitable for the outstanding balance

What categories of people does Landmark Thrift and Credit Cooperative Society issue loans to?

People of verified means of income, good reputation with trace courage for debt servicing

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